Gateway Resources DMCC

Gateway Resources DMCC

About Us

Gateway Resources is an independent trading house that is involved in the procurement, logistics, financing and distribution of a diverse portfolio of commodities pertaining to the manufacturing and recycling industry. With the vision for a sustainable tomorrow, Gateway Resources strives to provide the highest level of service and convenience with upstream value additions to its clients based in a myriad of global trade hotspots.


Gateway Resources takes its mantle in trading and the concurrent accountability crucially. The ethos of the company has always lied in economically sound and environmentally conscious trading. With the long-term vision of a circular economy, Gateway Resources does not believe in short-sighted gains through morally and environmentally untenable business. It maintains a thorough record of all trades executed internationally and domestically with a regularly audited and meticulously detailed reports on all its vendors, clients and trading partners. Organisations that do not adhere to the highest standards of compliance and due diligence are not aligned with the interests of Gateway Resources.


Gateway Resources manages the facilitation of international trade in a number of recyclable commodities, whilst steadily increasing its scope of resources across other categories. It is focussed predominantly in the trade of Paper and Rubber related products.